Coding on the beach in Cancun

Submitted by brett on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 21:47

Right after I got married, my family went to Cancun for a family reunion. I was right in the middle of my Junior year of my undergrad program, and it included a huge group project called Intex. We were developing a system from scratch that would handle tickets for events. Included information about the Venue, and availability, and all sorts of features. We were coding it in Java. During this week in Cancun, I was still supposed to work on my part, and I had my laptop, and would just sit on the beach and code. I would get a piece working, and then I'd go to a local internet cafe, and upload the code to where my group was working from. Everyone was thinking I was so silly for doing that, because it was a vacation.

I was super excited to be in Cancun, and if you're going to be anywhere coding, what a better place than the beach. I was able to keep my perspective positive.