Consulting with a 6 month old

Submitted by brett on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 21:48

Right out of school, I applied for some auditing jobs, some consulting jobs, and a couple analyst positions. Nothing really struck my fancy. The interviewers kept pitching their company, and it just sounded so boring. I had been doing some consulting through school, so I just kept rolling with that. I went and applied for some work with a couple sites like and I got a few gigs, and was working about 20 hrs per week, making about what I would have at one of the companies I had interviewed with. Much higher risk, but felt good to be in control and all that good stuff you hear about consulting.

I got really comfortable in our 800 sq ft apartment with my desk at the foot of our bed. I'd wake up, work for an hour or so, then shower, eat breakfast, then go about the rest of my day. I wouldn't work too many hours per day. I connected with a adjunct professor job at Salt Lake Community College. Just to stay busy really. It didn't pay much, but got me talking to people.

Then we had a baby. Which was awesome. We had been trying for a few years, so it was so exciting. When babies are brand new, all they really do is eat and sleep. Which worked for about 6 months. I'd even have him lay across my arms while I coded. It was a lot of fun. Until at about 6 months, he smiled, crawled, and was basically just a little bit distracting. I wasn't able to get my work done as well. I had a client that had an extra room in the back of their office, and they let me work there in exchange for a couple hundred bucks worth of work per month. Totally worth it. I got my focus back.