Hostel site / Car sales site

Submitted by brett on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 13:25

As I was starting picking up small jobs to keep busy, there was a point where I had bid out 10-20 projects and didn't get any of them. I just didn't have any experience. So I started lowballing projects just to get some stuff on my resume. One of these was a pair of sites for one person. They owned a Hostel and a Used Car lot, and were wanting to do sites for both companies. The hostel they wanted something that would manage days that they had availability for, and they wanted something to manage inventory for their cars. They were semi straight forward sites. They were rolled out within a month. They got a steal of a deal at a few hundred bucks each.

What I didn't think about was hosting and ongoing support. I had them hosted on a shared hosting service that I had used for development. I just kind of left them on there because it was easy. I didn't do any support or upgrades, and then about a year later, I was moving that hosting environment over, and didn't really want to move these sites, and reached out to them, and they had no interest in paying more, but I felt bad for shutting them down, so I just left them on that shared environment. Paid probably 75 bucks a year to keep that account, and didn't really use it for anything other than that.