Submitted by brett on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 15:44

Informatica is one of a few companies who was developing an internal developer network. These are typically built with workflow components, helping the teams to manage and progress on projects. They also have components of knowledge storage. They are meant to help companies retain information from employees so it doesn't get lost when employees transition out or into different roles.

Drupal is a great fit for something like this. You can control groups with permissions, you can limit content to specific people, you can control user accounts through a few different SSO/Ldap providers. We built a system for them that really helped them achieve their internal goals of connecting their developers, mentoring and pushing along their projects, and having knowledge retained in the company.

Developer networks are tricky because you have to think of who are the main people using them, and it's people who are very technical, so they tend to be pretty critical of them. We had to get buy-in from a lot of stakeholders that were going to use the system very frequently. That just made it a little extra harder to polish the system before launching.

This was a fun system that meets the business's goals, and helps them connect their developers, and stores knowledge.