Submitted by brett on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 14:32

Likester started as Me and Ben wanting to branch out a little bit from just doing email. Likester was a company that approached me as a developer needing help with their technology. They had a product that local businesses would use to encourage people visiting their store or restaurant to leave them a yelp or google review. It was basically a QR code that linked right to a site on likester that would link from there out to yelp and google. So a single place where they could manage which sites they linked to, and encourage users to go rate them.

It had a pretty solid sales process. It had a pretty good product. It was moving in the right direction to become streamlined and self-serve for the stores. They had good processes down for churning out the product for the sales team to use.

Likester had a need for tightening down the sales process. They were trying many things to see if it could scale quicker than it was, and weren't able to dial in to the single thing that was going to take off.

It crapped out because the sales process wasn't fast enough, and everybody had bills to pay!

One huge takeaway from this experience for me was that the sales process has to be dialed in before you can really crank the volume and scale. In this instance, it didn't catch up fast enough, and some people hit their end of runway before it was making enough money, so they bailed for day jobs.

If I had to do it again, I would either get some funding to bridge the gap for testing a sales process, or I would do it as a side job so everyone could pay their bills and not stress.