Picture Scanning

Submitted by brett on Tue, 09/06/2016 - 23:08

When I was at the end of middle school and going into high school, my Dad bought a super expensive flatbed scanner. If I remember right, it had the best resolution at the time. Something like 150 dpi was pretty awesome. We had tons of family photo albums, and my job was to scan them all. The scanning software let you scan the whole bed, as a preview, and then you select the area you want to scan at full resolution, and then you hit scan. It took around 30 seconds to do the full resolution scan. You could fit 3 pictures on the flatbed, and so you'd to the preview, then do the 3 full resolution scans, and then swap the pictures out. Very fun.

A couple things about this. I had many days where I was tired, and there were a couple days where I'd put my head down in between the 3 scans, and I'd actually fall asleep sitting in a chair with my head on the desk. I'd wake up to the sound of the scanner finishing. These were not quiet machines.

I did this for months. Maybe even a couple years. We had tons of pictures, and I guess I didn't work that much either. So that was a really interesting high school job.

When I got to the end of high school, I started a business with my Dad, where he bought this new scanner that did pictures at a much higher resolution, and would do then in a second or so, and you could put a whole stack of pictures on the scanner, so it would run unattended for a bit. I approached people we knew and offered to scan their pictures using this new scanner for a price per picture. I sadly can't remember how the pricing was, but it was kind of hard to get people to pay anything that would make it worth my time.

This was also at the time where you could get a printer that would print directly onto CDs. These were special CDs that had paper-like material on top of the CD. Very neat!

This could be considered my second take on an entrepreneurial business, after selling candy bars in middle school.